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Welcome to Tutor Me Time, the best tutoring program throughout California. If you are looking for a tutoring program that offers highly specialized, one-on-one tutoring, then you have come to the right place. At Tutor Me Time, students will receive one-on-one personal attention, from start to finish, with only the best and brightest tutors available.

What Topics Do We Tutor?
We specialize in one-on-one academic tutoring, including standardized test preparation, and Spanish. Tutor Me Time is perfect for unlocking a student's full potential by giving them the one-on-one attention they deserve. By discovering the personal learning style and needs of our students, our private tutors are able to provide the most effective tutoring available. We get our students excited about learning through the use of the computer. They think learning is playing, because they see the computer as a toy and not as a teaching tool which gives us the advantage at helping them become more productive in the classroom.

Why Should you consider Online Tutoring? Online tutoring is convenient. Your child will feel comfortable working form home. Plus, online tutoring eliminates peer pressure helping your child focus and increases his willingness to ask questions. Best of all you do not have to drive anywhere! Watch the Demo Video to see how it works.

We also provide in person tutoring, if we have a tutor in your area.
What will we cover during our sessions?
By talking with you and assessing your child's work we can determine where your son or daughter may have a gap. Then we can help set up a plan that will help your child fill in those gaps, and get back on track. We can also work with your child on his homework. Which will help him get better grade in class.
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If you would like more information on online tutoring and how it works, or if you would like more information on our tutors plase send us an email. We will gladly help.
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