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What is a learning style?
A learning style is the way you are inclined to learn new concepts, the different approaches of learning.
The 3 types of learning styles:

*Visual Learners learn best through seeing.

Visual learners need to have visual cues. They tend to prefer sitting at the front of the classroom to avoid visual blocking. In the front of the class they can see the teacher's body language and facial expression. It helps them to fully understand a lesson. Visual Learners may think in pictures and learn bestfrom visual displays including: charts, diagrams, illustrated text, transparencies, videos, and note hand-outs. During a lesson or a discussion, visual learners often prefer to take very detailed notes to absorb the information.
Through online tutoring, visual learners have a front seat to all lessons. The whiteboard on the computer is used to draw illustrations and to look at notes and numbers. The computer is a perfect learning strategy for students that are visual learners.
*Auditory Learners learn through listening.
Auditory learners do better through verbal lectures, discussions, talking and listening to others point of view. Auditory learners have the ability to interpret the underlying meanings of speech by listening to the tone of voice, the pitch, the speed and other verbal nuances. For Auditory learners, written information may have little meaning until it is heard. These learners often benefit from reading text aloud and using a tape recorder.
Online tutoring is also a good medium for Auditory Learners. Since all conversations are conducted over a microphone and a headset, all lessons are presented in an auditory format. Students are able to clearly hear what the tutor is saying, and both the student and the instructor are able to discuss anything that may be confusing.
*Tactile/Kinesthetic Learners learn through movement, doing and touching.
Kinesthetic learners learn best through a hands-on approach. They need to actively explore the physical world around them. Kinesthetic learner may find it hard to sit still for long lectures and may become distracted by the need for movement and exploration.
Online tutoring is a good medium for Kinesthetic Learners. Through the use of the computer the student is actively involved in creating charts, diagrams, and typing. Online tutoring and working with a private one on one tutor gives the tactile learner the opportunity to learn through doing. There is no sitting back and just listening. Online tutoring is active learning style.
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